COVID-19 UPDATE: To support your wellbeing during this crisis, we've opened our community for enrolment and reduced the cost by half. We want to make it as accessible for as many people as possible. Even in the midst of the current stress, you can nurture yourself and find your inner calm and balance. We're here to support you xxx

Welcome to our super supportive online community to help you nurture and deepen your self-care practice

Are you tired of being constantly stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you struggle with putting your own needs first?

Do you long to find a community of kindred spirits to support you on your self-care journey?

Then I created The Happiness Garden online membership community for you lovely.

I'd love for you to come and join us

The Happiness garden is for you if you want to:

Create sacred space and time to devote to the practice of self-care

Let go of the hurry and stress

Be surrounded by a supportive group of women from around the world all sharing our stories together

Find spiritual nourishment and inspiration

Re-discover true joy, happiness and inner peace

Receive all the practical tools and support you will need to make self care part of your daily life

Are you ready to let the soul nurturing begin?




To help you relax, refresh and rejuvenate, ditch the stress, switch off, re-energise, calm down quickly when faced with stressful situations and sleep peacefully every night. Let my calming voice guide you into delicious relaxation every single day. 


Monthly self-care topics come with tools and strategies to practice. Get step by step guidance to set and achieve your goals. From simple practices to deep dive challenges and master classes to inspire you and keep you on track.  


As a member of  The Happiness Garden, you get access to the expertise and knowledge of our guest experts supporting our happiness journey and sharing their wisdom, these include: Jani Franck, Julie Gibbons, Suzie Cheel, Tracey West, Fiona Morris, Faith Canter, Zoe Foster, Nina Joy, Rachel Swann, Dr Sally Graddon, Clare Josa and Nicola Humber amongst others.




Nurture Self Love, find your inner calm or change any area of your life.

As in nature, at the beginning of the year, we plant the seeds and nurture their growth – by the end we celebrate and show gratitude for what we have achieved.



The Happiness Garden attracts the most special kind of woman: soulful, supportive, genuine and caring.  Join The Happiness Garden, you'll get instant access to a global community of like-minded kindred spirits all supporting each other to create their happiest ever lives.

They are: creatives, therapists, mums, business owners, Complimentary Health Practitioners, coaches, writers, teachers, professionals, artists, poets and many more.