Are You Ready To Put Yourself First And FINALLY Create The Life You Deserve?

Watch this first, lovely lady,
preferably with a nice cup of tea...

Do you...

  • Crave inner peace, but don’t know where to find it?

  • Feel sick and tired of being exhausted all the time?

  • Put yourself last and go without so loved ones don’t have to?

  • Dream of a happier, more inspired and peaceful life?

  • Wish you had tools, resources and expert advice to help you ditch the stress and overwhelm, love yourself and find your bliss?

Well, I need to tell you, lovely lady, you are not alone.

In fact, most women find it difficult to put themselves or their happiness first and it’s time to do something about it.

Here are just some of the things I hear from women all the time:

  • I just don’t feel like I deserve to be pampered
  • I know I need to stop neglecting myself but just can’t find the time?
  • I feel so guilty taking time for me
  • I’m just not good at looking after myself
  • I’ll be happy when: I’ve lost 20 lbs. found my soulmate. the kids have left home. I’ve written my book. the house is decluttered. I feel I DESERVE it!

Ooooh, there’s that word again. Notice how it keeps coming up?

So, what’s the answer?

Step One: Understanding that putting yourself first isn’t a bad thing but is in fact a crucial step in making, not only YOUR life phenomenally happy BUT the reason everyone around you will be happier too

Step Two: Giving yourself divine permission to have your needs met {physical, emotional, mental, spiritual}

Step Three: Making a commitment and soul level promise to honouring sacred extreme self care consistently adds a whole new level to your bliss

Step Four: Surrounding yourself with positive like-minded and supportive women who support you rather than pull you down? Just finding your kindred sister tribe is like coming home

These FOUR steps are the beginnings  of creating a NEW and HAPPIER you

I've been teaching this approach over the last twenty years to my clients, students and groups with amazing results.

Women just like you from all around the world giving themselves permission to put themselves first and claim back their happiness.

Now I want YOU to have access to everything you need to do the same, once and for all.

So, I've created a private online escape just for you. A sanctuary that you can access immediately no matter where you live. That is available to you 24/7 with a built in community and all the support you need.


"I have been here less than 24 hours and can honestly say I feel so incredibly supported just knowing that you are here.

Feel like my investment to join the group has been well spent already. Really appreciating all the love and warmth of the community you have created here Heather.

Fell asleep to your lovely meditation last night and can't wait to hear the rest. Thank you so much for your warm welcome, encouragement and heartfelt care.

Feeling like I can move mountains after just one day in the Happiness Garden - this is a powerful place."

Fiona Morris

My journey to happiness.
I'd like to take a moment to share my story with you...

After qualifying as a psychotherapist & hypnotherapist in 1994, I set about growing a successful private practice in Liverpool, UK. This led to my stress management consultancy being born in 2000 and I became VERY VERY busy, VERY VERY quickly. I worked with organisations across North West England and was regularly travelling around the UK speaking at conferences, giving interviews, contributing to a column in the local paper, giving expert advice on radio and local TV . . . all the time still seeing private clients whenever the time would allow.

But it was all too much…

While I was giving out advice about ditching stress and creating work-life balance, I was actually heading for burnout myself. I knew I didn't want to live like this and from a professional perspective, I knew it wasn't doing my health any good.

What I really longed for was to live somewhere quiet and peaceful. To watch our daughter grow up and to be there for important moments in her life. I really loved helping people, but I needed to be there for me first, otherwise I was no good to anyone.

Drastic measures were called for, so...

We sold up and in February 2006, Peter, Zoe and I moved 200 miles to the middle of nowhere in South West Scotland to pursue the dream of downshifting, simplifying and reducing our stress. Our lives have changed dramatically since then and we are reaping the benefits of a life surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature. We miss very little from our past life and appreciate much.

Now my life really is quite wonderful, by design. I go out of my way to keep it that way. It is a very simple life. I like things simple. I have all I need and I am grateful. I make sure I have balance and everyone around me is happy.

Now, I don't assume that you want to totally transform your life by uprooting your family and moving them to a different country in order to create the life you want but I want you to know that I'm walking my talk and can both appreciate where you are now and use my experience to help you create the life you want.

And, it doesn't stop there...

You see, I've also done some very deep work on my self esteem and I know what it's like to feel worthless

When people meet me they often think that I must have had a charmed life, that I’ve always been this happy and content and that I must have had the perfect childhood.

I’m happy now because I work at it every day, but it’s not always been like this. There have been times in my life when I have been depressed, alone, confused and suicidal.

Let me explain why - You see I grew up with a shameful secret…

little_heatherI was born in Liverpool in 1964. A time when violence in the home against children was something that wasn't spoken about. Everyone knew it was happening but did nothing.

Within our family it was such shameful and embarrassing secret that no-one wanted it exposed or even discussed. So, it was hushed up.

The result was that it carried on and no one tried to stop it. Neighbours, friends, doctors, teachers, the authorities and the whole community looked the other way.

Only once during my time at school did a P.E. teacher question why I was covered in cuts and bruises. She accepted my feeble excuse immediately and never asked again.

Likewise, a hospital doctor asked my parents how my injuries had occurred. With no reasonable explanation, but seeing in front of him what looked like a respectable family, he shrugged and suggested they were self inflicted.

And that was that.

Once I realised that no-one would listen or believe me, I stopped trying to tell and got on with the job of surviving.

I experienced first hand violence and cruelty from my mother – an angry and miserable woman who was not able to control her emotions or her fists. The harm done by those events stays with you forever.

The physical scars, wounds and shocking pain are bad enough at the time, but there are other psychological aspects of violence which have a more lasting impact.

As a child experiencing these events, I couldn’t help feeling responsible for them. It is deeply confusing. And that confusion stayed with me into adult life.

I was given a very bad lesson in responsibility and self control and I have had issues in relationships as an adult that can be traced back to the experiences I had as a child in my own home. A place where I should have felt safe.

A failed first marriage, a series of destructive relationships and two suicide attempts indicated that something was very wrong. But, instead of asking for help, I just self-medicated with alcohol and drugs and carried on as best I could.

It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I was made to realise that if I didn’t take drastic action, my self destructive behaviour would mean I probably wouldn’t see my thirtieth birthday.

It was my wakeup call!

I have spent the years since then on a wonderful journey, sometimes hard and often painful, to the place of contentment and inner peace I have today.

I have undergone years of therapy and found my calling and have gained the strength to let go of the past and forgive.

Learning to accept my past has made me a stronger person. Now, when difficulties come my way, I don’t break; I just bend and yield, like willow in a storm.

I share all this with you to show you that I've done the work, I'm the right person to be holding this space for you, I'm not going to shy away when you need support or gently challenging. I'm going to be in your corner cheerleading you and whenever you feel like your confidence is waning or you start to step back into old habits.

I'll be there to remind you that you can do this, change is possible and that I believe in you.

That's why I created
The Happiness Garden

The Happiness Garden is where I share the resources that helped me along with some of my life lessons and pass on tips or wisdom that has been useful to me. I will support and help you to make the changes you want to see in your life.

It's what you've been waiting for! I will help you feel inspired, motivated, uplifted and resourced to create the life you really want and deserve. I will keep you accountable and will cheer lead you every step of the way.

It's designed to help you start to love yourself, ditch your stress, drama, guilt and overwhelm to help you create and build a happier life.

I can’t promise you that life will be easy, but I can accompany you on your own personal journey to find your inner peace and happiness.

What is The Happiness Garden?

The Happiness Garden is a private online escape and uplifting community.

It is designed to be your sanctuary, your escape, your spa from the noise, stress, worry, guilt and chaos of your busy life. Your virtual retreat is here waiting just for you twenty four hours a day where you can give yourself respite for just one minute, ten minutes or whole hours at a time.

Whatever life throws at you today, you will find respite within the Happiness Garden and return feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Indulge in one of our state of the art meditations, be inspired by our journals, books, and courses or simply surround yourself with a tribe of kindred spirits - the choice is yours.

I created the Happiness Garden to provide a space where women can meet and support each other as they care for themselves and journey to their own happy place.

Why? Because when we look after ourselves first ~ magic happens.

The Happiness Garden is the ultimate package to totally transform your life and soul

In the past I have worked with various coaches and mentors on a 1 to 1 basis to help manage my stress, I come away from my session inspired and motivated but then you go back to day to day life and reality hits.

The Happiness Garden is a little oasis of calm and a place for me to go to escape my hectic and stressful life. Lasting transformation often starts with a realisation and a big push but then it is about taking steps every day to get where you want to be, whether it is losing weight, becoming calmer and happier or just being kinder to yourself and accepting your life as it is now.

This is where the lovely Heather Bestel and her Happiness Garden can help you live the life you want to live, step by step, day by day. Come and join me in the Happiness Garden, let's get growing and having fun!

Jackie Elton

The Happiness Garden is right for you if...

  • You never seem to find the time for yourself even though you know you need to.

  • You feel incredibly guilty if you do spend time or money on yourself.

  • You know you have negative self talk and want to be more confident.

  • You see other women creating happy balanced lives and you yearn for the same.

  • You find it really difficult to accept compliments.

  • You frequently criticise yourself.

  • You don't have a clue how to really be nourished and nurtured.

  • You feel like it's time to take responsibility for your own happiness.

"I just LOVE the Happiness Garden!

I can login whenever life is getting a bit full on and even just reading Heather's words make me feel it's all going to be ok!

Heather's gorgeous, calming voice guides me into a place of delicious relaxation every single time. It's like sinking into a warm bubble bath and taking a big sigh! Aaaaah!"

Amanda Alexander

What you'll receive in The Happiness Garden

Meditations to soothe your mind, body + Spirit

Your very own tranquil sanctuary full of wonderful meditations to calm your whole mind, body and soul including:

Just Ten Minutes:

Relax, refresh & rejuvenate your whole mind and body and return ready to carry on with your day.  Red Magazine said:  "Ten-minute wonder! The best we've found is Just Ten Minutes by Heather Bestel. No bells, no chants, just relaxation - fast!"

Instant Calmer:

Learn how to calm down quickly when faced with a stressful situation in this very relaxing mini meditation workshop

Daily Calmer:

Your daily relaxation to keep you calm, confident and in control no matter what life throws at you. Helping to let go of stress and slow everything down.

The Big Switch off

Your very own re-energiser at the end of your busy day. Work is over and you can start looking forward to the rest of your evening.

Deep Sleep:

Guides you through the journey from over-worked, over-busy, cluttered thoughts to restful calmness, peace, lasting relaxation and sleep. Deep Sleep was created to ensure you enjoy a good night's sleep every night.

Meditation Taster

To give you a taste of what's in The Happiness Garden here is a sample of Deep Sleep

If you are having difficulty in playing the file above, simply click this play button

"Heather, I need to tell you your Deep Sleep meditation is just fab and working for me.

Thanks to you, I have had 2 nights of uninterrupted 7 hour sleep. Brilliant! And I am a confirmed insomniac.

It's such a relief to sleep and now I have some confidence I will be trying all your other ones too!"

Emma Gordon

And more to be added this year . . .



Not only have you finally found your very own calming, peaceful oasis, but once you are well rested and ready to move on from just chilling out ~ we've got a whole host of delicious personal development resources to help you focus on taking action, letting go of stress and moving towards a calmer, clearer and happier life.



Personal Development E-books







VIP Access to your very own Self Growth and Personal development library full of resources including: E-books to help you grow including:

The 21 Day Self Love Journal:

Stop dashing about pleasing everyone else and start taking care of YOU with your very own 21 day journal full of self care exercises, fun ideas and activities to help you experience more love inside and out.

The 21 Day Creativity Journal

For some it's a job or vocation, for others it's a hobby - but I think creativity can be a whole way of life. I hope you agree. with your very own 21 day Creativity Playbook & Journal you can have fun releasing your inner creative. Get out the glitter pens, paints, stickers and stamps and piles of old magazines and let's make one huge gorgeous mess in the process.

The 21 Day Positivity Journal

Use your very own positivity journal to release your inner optimist. Keep those negative thoughts and feelings at bay, reframe difficult situations and focus on what you really want.

Magical Me Time:

Everyone needs some well deserved me time!  This ebook will help you look after yourself at the same time as juggling work, family and relationships. With our 3 step plan you will become calm, confident and in control no matter what life throws at you.

The 21 Day Gratitude Journal

There is a magic in gratitude, the more we focus on being thankful, the more abundance we see!  I invite you on a magical journey with me over the next twenty one days ~ it will change the way you see the world forever.

Your 21 day gratitude journal has been lovingly hand drawn and is in black and white so you can have the added fun of colouring it in as you focus on what you are grateful for.

Stress Free Christmas:

We've even included a very easy way for you to get organised for and let go of worry around one of the most stressful times of the year with our plan to save you time, money and stress around the holidays.

And more e-books to be added throughout the year . . .




Self-Growth E-courses




A growing range of E-courses to help you change the things you’re not happy with in your life (all courses include state of the art cutting edge hypnosis mp3s) including:

SHINE – life transformation course:

I'll guide you to make real lasting change that requires you to go deep into your desires, let go of old patterns, shift negative beliefs, put yourself first, take massive action and be really grateful for what you are creating. Are you ready to make the changes? Then, this is for you!

The Weight Loss Secret Course:

Transform your relationship with food, discover a dramatic new level of energy & easily maintain your ideal weight - permanently.

Stop Smoking course:

Sometimes willpower just isn't enough and you have to connect with that part of your brain that controls your habits. With this course you will re-program yourself to be a non-smoker

And more to be added during the year . . .

"What an absolute joy it is to be in the Happiness Garden!

The minute you enter you feel like it was made for you, just you.I truly feel like I've stepped into the secret garden where no one can see me and I feel no guilt. I love the fact I can switch on my computer and be in this garden of calm no matter what the weather is like outside, and having the tools to refresh, relax and rejuvenate at the touch of a button is priceless.

Thank you so much Heather xx"

Gina Lawson


Magical Meditations 4 Kids


Not forgetting that many of us are mums and want our children to be calm, happy and confident and be able to sleep well – I have included my whole range of 16 Magical Meditations 4 Kids relaxation mp3’s for 4-7 and 8-11 yr olds.

Hosting a Magical Meditation 4 Kids event at The Book Festival, Wigtown - Scotland's National Book Town


Annual Virtual Retreat


Once a year (on the last Sunday in October, save the date!) we spend the whole day together online indulging in a whole host of yummy goodness including exclusive specially written relaxations, meditations and guided visualisations. We can mix and match our pampering day with offerings from a menu including: beauty treatments, smoothie recipes, books, films, deep breathing exercises, napping, being creative, dancing, self massage, journaling, face masks and other at home spa treatments. I even allocate special sacred time to send out reiki healing to the whole group – it’s a magical day.


Monthly Themed Challenges


When you join us in The Happiness Garden, please feel free to pick and mix the products and courses that you want to indulge in. Go at your own pace, no pressure. Or you can join in with those members who want to challenge themselves each month with a new theme. Every month we look at a different theme that nurtures either Self Love, finding our inner calm or changing an area of our lives. As in nature, at the beginning of the year, we plant the seeds and nurture their growth – by the end we celebrate and show gratitude for what we have achieved.




Your very own group of Kindred Spirits in our private Happiness Garden Facebook Group! When women get together and share, support and uphold each other – magic always happens and I’ve got goose bumps just thinking about how amazing it is having us all here in one magical place. Thinking of the safe sharings that happen in this sacred space and of the friendships that have blossomed, it makes me so proud of what we’ve created.


(For a limited time)

And because I want you to get much, much more than just amazing value from the Happiness Garden, my wish for you is that you have a life changing experience and so your bonus is an opportunity to go deep on your personal issues if that's something holding you back.

By having the opportunity to work one to one with me in a powerful life affirming coaching session you can create huge results on your journey to the beautiful abundant, happy, healthy life you desire.

"Heather Bestel is a REAL Coach, she creates a safe space for the client, she holds the client's agenda firmly, she listens at a very deep level, she asks incisive questions, she creates a superb accountability framework and she moves the client forward... fast.

I have known Heather for many years and I have experienced her as both a brilliant meditation teacher and as a skilful Coach. Heather has integrity, warmth and amazing insight.

If you're looking for an effective, highly skilled Coach, look no further. I highly recommend her."

Amanda Alexander
Heather you truly are the Feel Good Fairy... after my session with you I felt and sounded lighter. The overwhelm and doubt I was feeling about stepping up into my purpose became joyful as the blueprint unfolded.

I now have the tools, team and vision to make this my year of abundance and success.

Love your gentle, yet firm approach that helped me get out of my own way. Knowing that you will be there to keep me accountable and focused is a blessing. Thank you.

Namaste love Suzie xx

Suzie Cheel
Hi Heather, I loved our session yesterday so much. It was such a powerful experience and beyond my expectations.

I feel such a transformative shift already and so excited to the journey ahead on this magical year of strength, growth and loving support. So grateful for your kind gift.

I have had lots of coaching and therapy treatments over the years, but my session with you truly went above and beyond. I really appreciate you in my life

Fiona Morris

The Happiness Garden is a global community of soulful supportive positive women, all feeling good about themselves and creating their happiest ever lives.

Meet new friends and network in the private facebook group, made up of amazing women from all over the world including: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia. They are: creatives, therapists, mums, business owners, Complimentary Health Practitioners, coaches, writers, teachers, professionals, artists, poets and many more.

A reminder of what you receive

12 months VIP Access to a whole range of resources to inspire and nurture including: mp3 meditations, ebooks  and ecourses

{Value £350}

Annual Virtual Retreat

{Value £150}

Private Social Network to find your kindred spirits on their journey to happy

{Value £150}

Monthly Themed Challenges

{Value £150}

PLUS Surprise Bonuses, inspiring quotes, empowering affirmations, uplifting printables, delicious recipes and motivating videos

{Value £65}

PLUS Extra Special Bonus (for a limited time), an opportunity to work one-to-one with me in a powerful, life affirming coaching session

{Value £150}


Total Value £1015

For the absolute "no brainer" price of
Only £99

(approx $150 USD)

And now with Easy Payment terms


  • Spread the cost by paying monthly


  • With Yearly Membership You Get 2 Months Free


  • Best Value - No Recurring Fees

*If you enrol in the yearly subscription or one time payment - you will get, as a bonus, a one to one life affirming coaching session with me where we can create a blueprint and roadmap to make sure you get the best out of the Happiness Garden and create the beautiful abundant, happy, healthy life you desire. This bonus is a one-time offer that will expire soon so be sure to get it now. It’s valued at £150.

Meet Heather

My clients call me ‘The Feel Good Fairy’ because I have a way of making them feel good about themselves. I'm a pocket sized, downshifting, shabby chic loving, hippy chick who believes in all kinds of therapeutic magic.

I chose to change my own life and now help other fabulous women do the same.

If you hadn't already noticed - I'm on a mission to support women to start putting themselves first for a change.

I love tea and chocolate, being creative and having several books on the go at once. I am your passionate cheerleading hand holder on your journey to happy!

"Thank you Heather!

I love the Happiness Garden so much, I'm not using all the resources yet just a couple of the meditations but honestly - it was worth the money for the whole year just to be able to share in such a warm, loving, understanding space.

Thank you for creating this place for us! xxxx"

Beth Currie

The Happiness Garden is about one important thing you’re not doing right now...


I understand that and that’s exactly why I've created this all just for you.

If you’re ready to transform your life by putting yourself first, then I invite you to come and join us in The Happiness Garden and I look forward to welcoming you on your journey.